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Transition Break O’Day – Harvest Showcase – 2016

Transition Break O’Day

Harvest Showcase                                                                                                    P1050800

Enter your exceptional

Jam, Jelly, Pickle, Chutney, Relish or Sauce

Champion wins a Scanpan Jam pan value over $100 proudly supported by Tasmanian Hotel Catering Supplies

Entries open from Monday 2nd May 2016

Entries close 5pm Saturday 14th May 2016

Delivery to: St Helens – Going Nuts

St Marys – Mt Elephant Fudge

Winner announced at St Mary’s BODRA Market at 12 noon Saturday 4th June

No late entries accepted                                                                                 20160207_123601_resized_1

Entry Fee: $1

Prizes awarded for:

·         Overall Champion

·         Best of Show – Sweet

·         Best of Show – Savory

·         Junior – Sweet

·         Junior – Savory

·         People’s Choice – Sweet

·         People’s Choice – Savory

People’s Choice – Voting for people’s choice will be available at St Mary’s BODRA Market Saturday 4th June


·          All entries must be exhibitors own work

·          Each Exhibit must have entry ticket firmly attached ( available at delivery )

·          Two (2) jars to be submitted

·          Bottles and jars – 250gm to 500gm

·          All jars to be clean and free of manufacturers labels but clearly indicating category and ingredients

·          Cellophane covers will not be accepted (to comply with health regulations) Screw top lids please

·          Judges decision will be final

Need more info?  ph: Bronwyn 63722755 Robina 63722022





Pickles and Jams Workshop – 27th & 28th February 2016

Transition Break O’Day

Pickles and Jams Workshop 27th and 28th February 2016

The workshop was designed to try a broad range of preserving techniques using the vegetables and fruits that we had donated and also was available in our garden.

The course covered Chutney, Pickles (3 types), Relish and two types of jams.

First we made a Beetroot relish, thanks to Hans Rudi for his donation of beetroot, and Mick for the apples from his orchard. This recipe is a good tried and true winner.

Then we made a new recipe called Chunky Zucchini Chutney, this contained onions, zucchini, mustard seed and fresh dill as well as golden raisins and spices etc.

We made some pesto and cheese scrolls (using some of the pesto we made last workshop) for lunch to have with our salad from the garden, and after lunch we prepared the vegetables and fruit for the Sunday pickles and jams.

On Sunday the first thing to be done was picking the rhubarb for the Rhubarb Marmalade. Next we prepared the vinegar and spice mix and bottled some Pickled Zucchini Slices, after which we made a zucchini pickle called Eddie’s Zucchini Pickles which was very similar to Bread and Butter Cucumbers. The next recipe to try was Corn and Cucumber pickles, thanks to Evelyn for her donation of cucumbers and corn, which we had salted overnight and now it was ready to cook with all the spices and vinegar base and bottle.

Lunch was a very nice tabbouleh salad with some green lettuce and tomatoes fresh from the hothouse, as well as some fresh corn and cucumbers.

After lunch we started the Marmalade, and while this was cooking we prepped the rhubarb, ginger and oranges for our last jam Rhubarb Marmalade.

We had a very busy and full program and were very tired at the end, but will now enjoy these bottles of preserves for future consumption.

If anyone is interested in purchasing some of the “fruits of our labour” the extra jars made can be acquired at the BODRA markets on the first Saturday of the month at my stall, all proceeds will go to running TransBOD.


Beetroot Relish, Chunky Zucchini Chutney bottled up and Marmalade and Zucchini slices ready to make on the Sunday.


Beetroot Relish made, the cucumber, onions etc salted overnight ready to make on Sunday.


Ready to take home or sell at the markets.


Chunky Zucchini Chutney and other pickles chopped and salted ready to make up.


Pickles and Jams on display at the St Marys BODRA market, ready for sale as a fundraiser for TransBOD.


Preserving Workshop March 2016

Transition Break O’Day Preserving Workshop 30th January 2016 & 7th March 2016

Preserving: to prepare (fruit, vegetables, etc.) by cooking with sugar, pickling, canning, or the like.
And that’s what happened last Saturday, thanks to Robina and Bronwyn of the Transition Break O’Day team.
Despite the heavy rain, eight ladies and one gentleman arrived, from places all over our beautiful municipality, to the St Mary’s District High Schools’ Trade Training Centre, to have a go at preserving.
We arrived to see a colourful array of bottled fruit grandly displayed, which immediately set a buzz within the group.
So we started by washing heavy glass jars and began the peeling, slicing and dicing of the wonderful fruit and veg (thanks to Peggy, Michael, Robina and Bronwyn) such as; apples, nashi, plums and rhubarb to be used in the preserving process.
After lunch, our second task began. Robina demonstrated the making of sauerkraut. This type of preserving is a fermentation process. We gathered our muscles and grit and began pounding shredded cabbage using a wooden mallet. Then we filled jars, layering salty cabbage, sweet apple, aromatic bay leaves, and spicy caraway seeds and crushed juniper berries.
The third preserving process was extracting juice with a hot steam juicing process. We used the scraps of apple peel and cores and within an hour we were all enjoying hot concentrated apple juice. There is only one word –Yum!
It was a fabulous day and we all learnt a bit more about how to keep fruit, vegetable and juice to use at a later date; if we have the patience to wait until winter.
Preserving is one of those wonderful art forms that was used by generations past to keep food longer and to enjoy when not in season. But this day was more than just another workshop. Being a part of this group gave a group of people, who may be friends, acquaintances or that person we see in the supermarket isle, an opportunity to come together to learn and share, and enjoy that sense of community.
Evelyn Hoogland.

Day Two – 7th March 2016
The second day of the original weekend course was postponed because of the weather until the following Sunday 7th March. The group gathered at the same venue to learn how to make pasta and pesto in the morning and enjoy a pasta lunch with home grown salad and then in the afternoon we made fruit juice from crab apples and other fruit donated.
The day started with a crab apple picking at Jan Clements house and then washing and cutting up the crab apples ready for juicing. We were using a stream juicing method from Europe that hot bottles and sterilizes the juice for easy storage. The juicer and sterilization process was started and while this was heating we started on the pasta making. All members of the group made some pasta and then created their own pesto recipe to enjoy for lunch from the variety of greens and herbs, nuts and seeds gathered to use for the pesto.
To finish the day we turned some plum pulp from the juicer into fruit leather in the dehydrator.
All participants of the workshop learned some new methods to preserve and create using the many vegetables, herbs and fruits available at harvest time in the area.
Robina Balzer


Fresh Plum and Crab Apple Juice

Home Made Preserves

Home Made Preserves


Making Pasta


Crab Apples ready for the juicer


A good line up of Preserves waiting to be taken home


Apples and Nashi Pears ready to preserve

A recent TransBOD activity: Bees,Plants and Seeds.

On the 16th August 2015 TransBOD held a seminar on Bees, Plants and Seeds at Falmouth community Hall between 11am and 4pm.

We had 37 people attending with a shared lunch provided partly by members of TransBOD and participants who were asked to bring along a lunch which could be shared and based on the 100 mile theme (sourced from within 100 miles of the venue)

We started with a presentation from Dr Sue Woinarski about bee hive health and management and after an extensive question and answer session helped along by beekeeper audience we moved onto the next session conducted by Alison Hugo from the Understorey Network and outlining the work the organisation does in the community to propagate understorey plants and why these plant are important in our gardens and properties.

Lunch then followed with a lot of networking amongst participants.

After lunch we conducted a panel session, question and answer, with the panel made up of 5 or 6 people who were attending and who were beekeepers with different degrees of backyard or commercial expertise. This proved very well received by all the gathering, and we had to cut this short as time was tight.

Mark Leech, coming all the way from Margate then gave a very interesting and informative talk on planting for bees and the type of plants that bees need to survive year around. Mark is the author of many books on this subject and his talk was enjoyed by all. Another question time was held and the day was finalised with a final tea break before people headed home at about 4pm.

An Afternoon with Steve Solomon – Renowned author of “Growing Vegetables South Of Australia”

allium_bunch_cepa_235753 peas_01_hd_picture_165778







Steve is considered a ‘Guru of Vegie Growing in Tasmania’.  He’s also a staunch proponent of growing nutrient dense, Good for You foods.   Copies of the latest (and newly launched) edition of his book, viewed by so many as an absolute must have for anyone interested in growing vegies in Tasmania will be available for sale on the day.)


Please register with your names and contact details by email to:

Entry:  By Donation $5.00 per head (no charge for children under 14 years).

Tea/Coffee provided.     Please bring a plate to share for afternoon tea! (Celebrating Local Food, so try to bring food sourced as far as possible from within 100 Nautical Miles of the venue.  If not possible, come along with something to share anyway…)

Car Pooling is encouraged, especially to assist those who aren’t able to come along without transport.  If you’re happy to offer a lift, or would like one, please email

Recent Workshops and Happenings: TransBOD News



  • THE (FIRE READINESS) ROOFTOP SPRINKLER SYSTEM DEMONSTRATION & 100 MILE PICNIC at the Rubenach property at Gray was well attended. Peter and Hannah Rubenach presented lots of interesting, and useful information.  The rooftop sprinkler demonstration was impressive.  The delicious shared lunch (and afternoon tea), offered the opportunity for people to get together, to share bushfire stories, lessons and experiences, and to meet new folk.  Thanks to Peter, Beverley and Hannah Rubenach for offering the local community a very worthwhile and successful fire readiness event!


  • TransBOD’s BIODIVERSITY DAY at Falmouth on 25th October attracted an enthusiastic crowd. The presentations by Dr. Peter McQuillan (UTAS, Hobart) and Todd Dudley (Bioregional Network) were very informative and thought provoking.  The shared lunch offered the opportunity to meet like minded folk, and the field trips afforded the opportunity to learn more about bush regeneration and also see the prolific display of local wildflowers at Winifred Curtis Reserve.

 transbod 1

Dr. Peter McQuillan (3rd from right) with a few local Wildflower, Bug and Bird spotters 


A fully booked impromptu ROCK ORCHID & WILDFLOWERS WALK at the Bay of Fires with Paul Frater followed on Saturday 1st November.  Sincere thanks to Peter, Todd and Paul for a fantastic day, and also to NRM North for co-sponsoring the event at Falmouth!